Swingclick Helps Golfers Get Into 'The Zone' With 3 Easy Clicks

Press Release - March 2015

SOUTH AFRICA - During the final round of the WGC-Cadillac Championship the winner seemed to be playing in what players often refer to as "the zone." He started the day five strokes off the lead and came back to win by one stroke. At the Honda Classic the week prior, the runner up started the final day of that tournament nine shots behind the leader before he got into "the zone" and ended up forcing a two-man playoff where he eventually finished second.

Finding "the zone" doesn't happen accidentally, it takes countless hours of practice and training to establish the proper fundamentals and transition in your golf swing.

Swingclick, a unique training aid for timing, tempo and rhythm, helps build a grooved swing and the feeling of being in "the zone." Swingclick straps to your forearm and makes a clicking sound at three vital points of your swing: the top of the backswing, at impact, and on the follow-through. By guiding you to set the club in the same position every time, Swingclick creates precise muscle memory and a repeatable swing that won't breakdown under pressure.

"The difference between great players and average players is that great players create good structure in their golf swings," said Mike Quinn, Managing Director of Swingclick who played on the South African Tour for 10 years before becoming a respected teaching professional. "With the correct fundamentals, proper address, alignment posture, and grip, great players look comfortable over the ball."

Once you are in your comfort zone over the ball, the Swingclick helps you to create the right structure by turning to the same position at the top of your back swing every time.

"The smoother your takeaway, the easier it is to transition from the backswing to the downswing," Quinn said. "If your back swing is jerky and quick, your arms, your body and the club head won't work together as optimally as they should. This leads to a poor shot."

One. Two. Three. After practicing with a Swingclick, you will notice your rhythm and transition through your golf swing will become more intuitive and consistent and your brain will automatically wait for each click.

"Your transition is so crucial in the golf swing," said Quinn. "If your transition is poor, you won't create enough time to have the club in the right position at impact, which will lead you to spending too much time in the rough and not enough time on the fairways and greens."

To help you stay on the fairways, order Swingclick at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and at swingclickgolf.com. The retail price is $29.99. For more information, go to swingclickgolf.com.

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By listening to the clicks while practicing, it gives you immediate feedback on whether your swing is too fast or too slow. You can therefore make a correction in your TEMPO immediately, as you know what the problem is.