Swingclick- 3 Clicks To A Smooth Transition And Consistent Golf Swing

Press Release - May 2015

SOUTH AFRICA - If you listen to the studio analysts on Golf Channel after a PGA tournament, the conversation often turns to one word, transition. Jason Day and Justin Rose, both ranked in the top 10 of the Official World Golf Ranking and were tied for the lead after the third round in the 2015 Zurich Classic in New Orleans. Day faded on Sunday after several wayward tee shots finishing fourth.

Regarding Day's disappointing finish, Brandel Chamblee commented, "Form follows function. What holds a golf swing together is the glue in transition. When you start getting quick you have the tendency to hit wide misses to the left and right. That's the difference between winning and losing."

A smooth transition is one of the most important fundamentals to a consistent golf swing. It is the key that develops the timing, tempo and rhythm of your swing and the ability to generate optimum speed versus maximum speed. The Swingclick is the only golf training device precisely engineered to help golfers develop the elusive concept of timing, tempo and transition.

Swingclick is a simple device that straps to a golfer's forearm just below the elbow. The device makes three clicking sounds: at the top of the backswing, at impact and on the follow-through. On a smooth takeaway, Swingclick clicks at the top of your backswing giving you a mental cue and the proper feeling of when to start your downswing.

The Swingclick provides a second click at impact when striking the ball and a third click once you have completed a solid follow-through in a balanced position. The Swingclick helps train your brain with the proper timing and rhythm producing a more consistent and accurate swing. It allows you to determine your optimum speed versus your maximum speed.

Prior to the 2015 Masters, Career Grand Slam major champion Gary Player noted that today's game places too much emphasis on power. He said, "Straightness and accuracy in golf are not being rewarded the way it should be." When training with Swingclick, instead of hitting the ball with all your strength, you learn to swing the club effortlessly creating that smooth transition just like the pros do -making it hard to tell when a player's backswing ends and the downswing begins.

2014 U.S. Open Champion Michelle Wie discovered the winning formula in mastering transition and the importance of accuracy over power. According to this month's Golf Magazine, Wie has traded "a little distance over a big dose of accuracy" over the past five years. The result - her percentage of fairways hit has jumped dramatically to more than 65 percent and she won her first Major championship.

Swingclick clicks when you smoothly reach the top of your swing providing you the feeling and position of where to set your club every time.

"Using the Swingclick creates the consistency and smooth transition in your golf swing for your club head to generate speed and get back to square when it hits the ball," says Mike Quinn, a former tour professional and managing director of Swingclick. "This results in better accuracy; you'll hit more fairways and greens and spend less time in the bushes."

Swingclick is available for purchase at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and at swingclickgolf.com. The retail price is $29.99. For more information, go to swingclickgolf.com.

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By listening to the clicks while practicing, it gives you immediate feedback on whether your swing is too fast or too slow. You can therefore make a correction in your TEMPO immediately, as you know what the problem is.