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Grip it, Rip it, Lose it!

Mike Quin

Why Optimum Speed Is Better Than Max Speed

When I started out as a professional on the South African Sunshine Tour, I wanted to learn from the world's best players. I was fortunate to play behind Retief Goosen at the Pietersburg Open in 2006. I made a decision that I would follow Retief wherever he went because I wanted to emulate the routine of a U.S. Open Champion. I watched him go through his practice routine on the range. What struck me the most was how simple he did things. There were no fireworks but rather a quiet preparation for his round. Retief was standing next to another pro hitting balls and if you had asked me who the Major Champion was, I would have said the other guy.

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By listening to the clicks while practicing, it gives you immediate feedback on whether your swing is too fast or too slow. You can therefore make a correction in your TEMPO immediately, as you know what the problem is.