Dean Floyd

I have just bought my Swingclick and feel the difference in my swing. This is a great product and I am very happy with my purchase. Facebook 11 September 2014 …

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Judith Thomson

Before I used the Swingclick, I hit my 7 iron 70 meters, now I hit it 120 meters. For the first time, I’m hitting a par 4 green in 2. Before, I found the process of learning to play golf too technical. Now I just focus on my tempo, turning my shoulder until I hear the Swingclick …

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Mike Dugan (Golf Professional)

I bought the Swingclick at the Orlando PGA show and there's no better product on the market for improving your tempo. I plan to use it in my lessons this season. …

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Tony Westwood

A great way to link the feel of your swing to an audio cue, a multi-sensory training aid for a multi-sensory game! …

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Raymond Chastel (France)

I use both the “SWINGCLICK “and the “TOUR TEMPO TIMER “ of JOHN NOVOSEL . The “SwingClick” is slower than the “Tempo Timer “ and you can’t adjust your tempo with it. Both are useful to train your brain. The advantage of the “SWINGCLICK ‘'” is it tells you when you have reached the top of your backswing and the finish of your through swing . I had a tendency to shorten my backswing and the SWING CLICK cured that defect . Thank you. Good job, well done! …

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Johann Campher

I’ve been using the Swingclick for about 5 months and have been diligently practicing with it every time I’m at a driving range. My practice sessions are more focussed and more productive because I have something to work on consistently every time, rhythm and tempo. I’m practicing with purpose, achieving more and hitting less balls. I’m able to plan my rounds better because and I’ve gotten rid of that really bad shot, that results in triple drop. The key is that I’ve improved my transition betwe…

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Brett Liddle

”I’m absolutely stoked about this round because I see some light at the end of a long tunnel. I’m definitely on the right track with this device.” It’s made a world of difference to my swing and I’ve even started using it with players that I coach. …

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Mike Quinn

Never in my 20 years of teaching have I seen clients improve so quickly and what a joy it is to teach with a Swingclick. It simplifies the process and today 2 beginners couldn't believe how quickly they were hitting great shots. Using a training aid which improves your timing gives you an early understanding about timing and how important it is in a golf swing. …

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Brain Piero

First some background for you. I am a 65 year old male golfer with a handicap that is consistently in the 7-9 range. I never practice unless I am having trouble with some aspect of my game and when I do start to have a problem, it is just about always because I am getting too quick at the top of my backswing

Prior to buying your product I had NEVER bought a swing or training aid

I was at the PGA golf product show in Orlando last week and stopped at your booth and took a look at the device but…

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Michael Scholtz

Thanks to a little time with the Swingclick over the last few weeks and voila ... Tour Card achieved! Thanks for the insight Mike Quinn …

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By listening to the clicks while practicing, it gives you immediate feedback on whether your swing is too fast or too slow. You can therefore make a correction in your TEMPO immediately, as you know what the problem is.