• Master your Swing with 3 Easy Clicks

  • Improves Rhythm, Tempo & Consistency

  • Improves Transition

  • Creates consistent ball striking at impact

  • Use it on a driving range, golf course; with or without clubs

  • Works for everyone – from beginners to pros

Gary Gilchrist – Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher:
“The Swingclick is potentially the best swing aid that’s ever been made. It provides the best practical feedback I’ve seen from a swing aid!”

Jaco Ahlers – Golf Professional on the Sunshine Tour:
“I use the Swingclick as a drill to create the muscle memory of finding the top of my backswing consistently. It’s a great way for me to practice with purpose and finding the top of my backswing when I’m under pressure in a tournament is the key for me to keep my rhythm.”

John Glozek – Editor of New York Golfing Magazine:
“The Swingclick is absolutely awesome for developing tempo and helping a golfer to develop the right swing speed to get the results he is looking for.”

Tour Striker Swingclick Demo

– Martin Chuck

If she can hit a golf ball, ANYONE can!

– Irlianna Samsara

Golf Geek: Product Review

– Swingclick Training Aid

Marvin Sanguesa Golf: Swingclick

– PGA Merchandise Show 2016

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