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I’ve been in the golf industry for 25 years and I’ve seen hundreds of products, but the Swingclick Golf Training Aid, is without a doubt the best product that I’ve seen that can help improve a golfer’s performance in the shortest period of time.

Nick Faldo recently commented that “Rhythm and Tempo is the glue that holds the golf swing together” and how true that is. The concept of rhythm and tempo is extremely elusive for most golfers; even more so, the challenge of developing a repeatable swing with consistent rhythm and tempo.  The Swingclick rhythm and tempo trainer solves that problem.

The product works on the premise that great rhythm starts by finishing your backswing. It makes perfect sense – if I don’t finish my backswing, my hands, body and legs work out of sync and I’ve immediately lost my rhythm. By using the Swingclick, it provides a frame of reference- a “click”- at the top of my backswing which solves my timing and rhythm problem. It’s that simple.

swingclickThe Swingclick straps to a golfer’s forearm and with a smooth backswing clicks at the top of the backswing, at impact and follow through. All key fundamentals for a good golf swing. I tend to have a quick swing, so for me, I use the Swingclick as a drill and only focus on the 1st click at the top of the backswing. I set my club in the same position when I hear the click.  When I began using the Swingclick, it felt like I was swinging very slow, but when I watch myself on video, I have a perfectly rhythmical swing with a smooth transition. This drill helps me to create the right muscle memory to complete my backswing and when I’m under pressure during a round, I can find the top of my backswing and keep my rhythm.

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