Golf Tips Mag: 2016 Buyer’s Guide Training Aids


Auditory cues and clues are a practicing golfer’s best friend, from the sound of the ball leaving the clubface to the even more pleasant tones of that same ball sliding into the cup. The new SwingClick Plus — an improvement on last year’s popular SwingClick — made a strong debut at the PGA Show with its still-simple approach to dialing in your swing’s timing for solid ball contact. It’s as unintrusive as it is functional, strapping onto a golfer’s forearm; it makes a clicking sound at the three main junctures of a swing — at the top, at impact and at follow-through. Muscle memory, a smoother transition and better overall rhythm results, and it works with any club — because it’s attached to YOU, not the stick. And the new Plus’s sleeker design and more adjustable strap makes it truly one-size-fits-all. It now comes in four colors, too, and slides easily into your bag so you can keep that newly ingrained tempo going as you start your actual round. The original SwingClick is available as well.


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