SwingClick: Transition Trainer Worth Every Penny

SwingClick: Transition Trainer Worth Every Penny

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.41.52 PMSOUTH AFRICA – In 2015 SwingClick took the golf world by storm becoming the #1 best-selling golf swing aid on Amazon.com. The new 2nd generation offers a sleeker, one-size-fits-all model, theSwingClick PLUS. It debuted at the 2016 PGA Show Demo Day and Merchandise Show Jan. 26-29, in Orlando, Fla.  Swingclick PLUS is now available to golfers worldwide on Amazon.com.

The SwingClick PLUS is one of the only training devices that pinpoints a key fundamental of a great golf swing – TRANSITION. The training device straps around your forearm and clicks at three vital points:  at the top of the backswing, at impact, and on the follow-through.  SwingClick PLUS creates the muscle memory for golfers to finish their backswing consistently.  It engrains the feeling of good rhythm and a smooth transition at the top that results in better golf shots.

“The top golf instructors realize the benefits of teaching tempo and transition,” said Mike Quinn Managing Director of SwingClick and a former Sunshine Tour professional.  “The SwingClick provides the student with a frame of reference to know exactly where the top of the backswing is.  As a coach, if I can get a golfer to turn into the same position every time, at the right speed, his technique and consistency will improve much quicker, and that’s the key to developing a great golf swing.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.42.41 PMThe new SwingClick PLUS has a sleeker design that complements the natural flow of the swing, the strap is more adjustable making it one-size-fits all, and it is available in four different colors – blue, red, orange and purple. Golfers can practice with the device indoors or outside, with or without clubs, and it stores easily in an accessory pocket.

SwingClick PLUS is the only transition trainer that allows you to practice with your own clubs.  Players can use it on the range and in real-time on the course allowing for the integration of your practice which few training devices provide.  Your swing will improve more consistently, the results will be lasting, and your scores will prove it.

“The SwingClick is potentially the best swing aid that’s ever been made,” said Gary Gilchrist, Golf Digest Top 50 and Golf Magazine Top 100 golf instructor. “It provides the best practical feedback I’ve seen from a training device and more importantly, it’s one of the few devices that allows players to train using their own clubs.”

Players are improving quickly, hitting more consistently, and getting lower scores. SwingClick PLUS teaches the brain to wait for the click in an intuitive way for the proper transition. SwingClick PLUS helps golfers learn the feel of their transition at the top of the backswing.


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