Greg Sampson – New England Golf Monthly

“The Swingclick is the simplest, easiest, most effective training aid I’ve tried in years.”

Tony Leodora – Golf Talk Live

“The Swingclick is positive reinforcement.”

The Swingclick training aid is the most useful device I know to ingrain the correct tempo for your swing. Though I’m over 82, I still play to a 7 handicap. I’m an experienced golfer, but I always tend to get impatient and swing too fast. My backswing shortens, I don’t go to the top and then I lose distance. So I go through “cures” with the Swingclick – I take 50 “dry run” swings a day in front of a window pane at my home, I look to check that I get to the top, and I watch the tempo of the swing on the two SSRTT I place in front of me. The first one is where the ball is supposed to lie, the second one is one foot further towards the target. I check whether I accelerate or not through the ball; the second reading must be higher than the first one. You must never decelerate in your swing.

Raymond Castel, France – September 6, 2016

Kevin Unterreiner – Hack to Jack

“Since we’ve brought the Swingclick on the show, contestants are hitting the ball better and looking like Tour Pros on camera.”

Jarred Bezuidenhout – 8 years old

The Swingclick helps Junior Golfers to create great structure in their golf swing.

An excellent device to improve timing

Peter Haslam –, April 23, 2016

Simple and effective…. Does it get any better?

Pierre –, September 11, 2016

Definitely made me change my takeaway

Norman Darby –, June 7, 2016

It’s a simple device and for someone like me, after some work and continuous use, I can really see the benefit of practicing with it. This one I’m keeping in my bag.

MattF – MyGolfSpy, April 9, 2016

Swingclick has been a great tool for getting my students to finish their back swings. Helps them with rhythm, timing & tempo getting them to have a more consistent swing they can rely on.

Marvin Sanguesa, Marvin Sanguesa Golf Learning Center & Joey D Golf

In all honesty, it is the best training aid that I have ever tried. For years I have suffered with a yip during full-swing transition. The introduction of an external trigger seems to have cured this. Congratulations on having such an excellent product.

Simon Finch, Toronto – September 1, 2016

This device does exactly what it was designed for. It improves the transition from the top of your backswing to the start of your downswing and helps with accuracy and distance.

Gerald Moreland –, June 5, 2016

You can gain perfect tempo and timing and start to hit the biggest drives of your life with help from the Swingclick.

Justin Tupper - Revolution Golf

So simple and easy to use, wish I had bought one of these ages ago. Mind you how long have they been on the market? Anyhow, I would recommend this to any golfer, no matter your handicap.

Clive O’Loughlin –, December 8, 2016

My handicap has dropped to a 9, and my confidence has gradually come back.  I no longer let bad shots destroy my round or undermine my mental condition.

Ross Freedman - Hunt Fish Golf Work

Every time my rhythm seems a bit out of tune, I just strap on my Swingclick to regain that perfect tempo.

Hendel Clase – THE GOLF HUB SA, 29 Nov 2016

This was a real surprise. I wanted to test this but with little expectation given all the golf training gadgets that are marketed now and historically. However, having the interactive, auditory feedback system was intriguing as this was been an area of athletic training I see in training of other technical sports. As the company states, the first reaction is that it takes too long for the click on your backswing. However, trusting it and being a willing student, the results were incredible. 1) iron trajectory is exactly what I want, 2) shot shape is consistent, 3) can be used with all clubs, and 4) it makes the great shot repeatable. I have now tested it over two days and perhaps 250 balls. It has more than making your tempo (and thus shot) consistent, it also ‘fixes’ other mechanical issues like my position at the top, shape and pace of my backswing. By focusing ONLY on the auditory keys, you are just making a swing instead of making technically minute changes. Once I get to the top, wait for the click, then can power as hard as I want with my left shoulder/arm, I can hit it as hard with my right hand as I need/want. Nice high very slight draw. If I start down before the ‘click’ I hang the shot slightly to the right (given arms and body are not synced up). Keeping my head steady throughout is the only mechanical thing I am ‘trying’ to do. Practice with this device should focus on lots of reps to grove the timing. So all I do is set up, fix a target, and swing waiting for the click. After about 20 shots with the SwingClick, try 5 without, then repeat. Can just use a short iron, but also test with long clubs (spoiler alert – you will find out you are quicker at the top with your longer clubs than your shorter clubs.) I am really interested in continued testing of this with a wider range of testers and skill levels. I wish I had invented this device.

Msi –, May 18, 2015

Used it myself…..very effective, good investment

Andre 'Plakzito' Louw – THE GOLF HUB SA, 29 Nov 2016

Getting more turn and swing speed for a 65 year old.

Bob Rice –, July 25, 2015

At last, a simple golf aid that delivers from day one.

Amazon Customer –, June 11, 2016

I would have to say this device represents a great value because you can use it for green side finesse shots, half shots and full swings. If you are someone who wants to have a smooth transition I would highly recommend it. As with anything that changes your swing, have patience!

Fireinthehole – MyGolfSpy, April 12, 2016

Timing and tempo is one of the key fundamentals in golf. When you get out of sync, it can affect many aspects of your swing. The Swingclick is so simple and effective and easy to use! You can take it to the range or practice on the course. One of the best training products I’ve seen in 25 years of playing competitive golf.

Holly Geoghegan –, March 24, 2015

Once you convince yourself to swing slow enough for the device to click you realise just how fast you used to be. It is small enough to store in the golf bag and fit on the range. Highly recommended.

Bobthegolf –, September 12, 2016

The best kept secret in golf training aids ever in golf, I highly recommend it to all level of golfers and the teaching pros should use this in their instruction!

Mike Cohen –, September 8, 2015

For the first time ever, after practicing with this device…I played a whole round with a consistent tempo. This effected every shot from my driver thru my putter. I played the best round of my life. I love this device. Now that I have my tempo in control I have started working on impact. If you give up your lag too soon you hear the click before you impact the ball. My handicap index is around 10, I believe once I improve the impact zone I will drop into the single digit range.

Bob -

Great to finally find a training aid that has helped me improve my game. I struggle from the classic problem of lifting my head after each shot and always got told that my actual swing is not the same as my practice swing. Using the Swingclick I was finally able to get some momentum and timing in my swing and to replicate my practice swing when taking a shot.

Phil –, April 21, 2016

When I first started using the product, I found that it clicked too slowly for me and my first impression was that it didn’t really work. Then I contacted Swingclick through their website and got some help. I then realised that I was using the product completely wrong. It’s a tempo trainer, but my brain just wanted to do what I know how to do, which is swing fast. So I continued to have a quick backswing to the top, waiting for the click and then continuing my violent downswing. So once I realised I was doing it wrong, I changed and started practicing a smooth backswing, until I hear the device click at the top. This now tells me that I have finished my backswing, so I know where the finish is. Then a smooth downswing, at a similar tempo to my backswing. So I’m swinging the club and not hitting the ball. I also started twisting the device clockwise on my arm, to see where it clicks at different places for my swing. I am AMAZED at what it’s done for my golf. I’m keeping the ball consistently in line for the first time. I can’t recommend the product more, but the key is, don’t be as stubborn as me and think your tempo is perfect to start with.

Adam –, May 20, 2015

Great help for creating tempo.

Bob Rice –, August 27, 2016

Unit works well. Not always easy to pause at the top but the benefits are enormous.

Ray Bahr -

It works as a training aid. I have increased my back swing and improved the long ball.

Fatfinger –, July 20, 2015

I’ve used this tool with so many golfers to improve tempo and timing. I also use it with golfers who struggle with a poor (quick) transition because it forces a pause at the top.

Adam Kolloff – Jim Mclean Golf Academy

I bought the Swingclick at the Orlando PGA show and there’s no better product on the market for improving your tempo. I plan to use it in my lessons this season.

Mark Dugan, Golf Professional

I don’t have enough superlatives for this product. I changed my tempo and loaded my right side after five swings. I felt like Pavlov’s dog. The product is idiot proof. Oh, did I mention that I killed the ball.

Ben Rust –, July 2, 2015

Before I used the Swingclick, I hit my 7 iron 70 meters, now I hit it 120 meters. For the first time, I’m hitting a par 4 green in 2. Before, I found the process of learning to play golf too technical. Now I just focus on my tempo, turning my shoulder until I hear the Swingclick click and swinging the club. I am amazed at how I have improved.

Judith Thomson

Great product! I can actually use this swing aid with my own clubs on the driving range or playing a round of golf. Can’t do that with any other swing aid product on today’s market! Just strap it on your forearm just below your elbow and you’re off. You’ll soon hear the clicks and intuitively start waiting for them. Perfect to get my timing and tempo down. For those who have not given the product a good rating, I challenge you to test it again and make sure you are using it properly with the Swingclick strapped in the correct position on your forearm.

Mike –, June 18, 2015

I’ve been using the Swingclick for about 5 months and have been diligently practising with it every time I’m at a driving range. My practice sessions are more focused and more productive because I have something to work on consistently every time; rhythm and tempo. I’m practising with purpose, achieving more and hitting less balls. I’m able to plan my rounds better because I’ve gotten rid of that really bad shot, that results in a triple drop. The key is that I’ve improved my transition between my back swing and my down swing which makes me more accurate when my club hits the ball. Great product.

Johann Campher

The Swingclick Plus is a stupid-simple and an awesome swing trainer. I pulled it out of the box, strapped it onto my forearm and I was ready to go. What I love most about it is you can just take your normal swing, for the most part. There are three “clicks” that you are to listen for; when you finish your back swing, at the bottom or at contact, and when you finish your follow through. I love this because my biggest issue is rushing and not finishing the back swing, which leads to other problems. This slows me down on the range and makes me get all the way back and really accentuate finishing the back swing. Honestly it makes you pause a little long at the top of the swing, but I like that as a solid reminder to get back. Overall this is a great swing trainer. If you need help finishing the back swing and working a little bit on tempo, this could be a good help for you.

Chris O – MyGolfSpy, April 1, 2016

This device is helpful in ensuring that you have completed the back swing fully before initiating the down swing. This helps establishing a good swing rhythm.

c13nmr –, June 14, 2015

Used it at the practice range twice now and am experiencing a noticeable improvement in distance and accuracy, especially with my irons.

Darcy Sr –, July 10, 2015

Definitely helps with making sure I make a full turn and helps slow my swing down a bit to give more control and better impact.

Charles P. James –, June 12, 2015

Excellent product – don’t be fooled by its simplicity. I have a very fast swing and after quite a few swings and feeling as if I was losing power I deliberately slowed down and swung more at the ball position. I’m 66 with a handicap of 8.5 but know i can get lower. I was determined to slow down and it took time (around 20 mins) so be patient. Having made the slow down adjustment, I took it to the practice range and gradually noticed the difference in swing tempo. Taking it into the course is a different ball game – you have to concentrate on swinging the club- it is paying results. I hit through the ball more consistently and I have slowed down but lost no power I have a slight gain in length but I am more consistently in the fairway. A great product well worth the money and time spent practising. Made up my mind to take it to the practice ground to warm up before going on the course.

Robert McGowan –, February 23, 2015

I have just bought my Swingclick and feel the difference in my swing. This is a great product and I am very happy with my purchase.

Dean Floyd

The SwingClick really does a good job of getting you to finish your backswing so I would definitely recommend it to players who might get quick on their transition or need to shorten their backswing. Faster tempo swings will have a pause at the top waiting for the first click which could be annoying at first and older players with little flexibility might have a hard time reaching that ideal top of the swing which could be fixed by adjusting the position of the SwingClick to match the top of your backswing. Overall I’m very impressed with how much this simple training aid does and would definitely say it’s worth a shot if you’re in need of fixing these flaws.

Ethan Sterling Price – MyGolfSpy, April 8, 2016

I was fortunate enough to attend the PGA show, and met Michael and Liesel on the range there at the demo day.  Michael had me taking a LONG pause at the top of my swing, which I found very hard to do.  I’ve had much better luck using the swing click on the range using my “normal” swing.  I do usually start a little slowly with a wedge, just working on rhythm.  Then I seem to be able to go through my bag, and the “click” really helps me maintain my tempo.  Lastly, I take the swing click off, and try to maintain the momentum by “hearing” the clicks in my head.  (They have to work around the other voices, but you get the idea.)  Compared to other training aids, I think this is almost too simple not to work. I actually use this, and really recommend it if you struggle with tempo issues.

MGoBlue100 – MyGolfSpy, April 5, 2016

I have been searching for a training aid for a LONG time that would provide audio feedback when the back swing was completed. I have always had issues completing the back swing before hitting the ball and have even had playing partners tell me my back swing barely went past hip high. This training aid has been a saviour for my problems and allows me to not only hit balls while wearing it, but play practice rounds with it as well. I will admit, the pause at the top waiting for the thing to “click” seemed like an eternity. I mean, it literally felt like I was waiting 3 seconds. Then I watched my swing on video and it was just a slight pause you see in the typical swing at the top. If I have learned anything from this game over the years, it is that feel is NOT real.

Greg Robinson –, June 19, 2015


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